Ticket Analysis

Ticket Analysis is an application specifically designed to assist your support team in obtaining a quick overview of the current ticket and analyzing its sentiments.

With this tool, your team can efficiently assess the key details and sentiment of the ticket, allowing for more informed and effective responses.

Ticket Analysis is designed to automatically run whenever you open a new ticket. The positioning of the Ticket Analysis feature will vary depending on the specific help desk platform you are using.

The application consists of three main parts:

  1. Ticket Overview: This section provides key information about the ticket, including the total number of comments, average response time, and the time of the last message.

  2. Summary: Here, you can find a concise summary of all the conversations and comments within the ticket. This summary aims to provide a quick overview of the ticket's content.

  3. Sentiments: This section presents four types of information related to sentiments. It includes the overall tone of the ticket, the tone of the agent's responses, the urgency level, and the satisfaction level.

If there is insufficient information available, the sentiments section of the Ticket Analysis application will display the value "Undetermined." In such cases, certain information may not be shown.

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