AI Chat

1. Introduction

If you're currently using the Zendesk Chat Widget, we have an exciting addition for you called AI Chat. Caffeinated CX now offers a powerful tool that integrates seamlessly with your Zendesk Chat Widget.

When you enable AI Chat, our advanced AI technology takes charge of incoming messages from your chat widget. The AI analyzes and processes these messages, providing automated responses and support. This feature allows you to leverage the power of AI to handle customer inquiries more efficiently.

In cases where a client needs to interact with a real agent, our system facilitates a seamless handoff. The ticket is smoothly transferred to a live agent who can continue the conversation and provide personalized assistance.

Our AI Chat can automatically recognize if the ticket is resolved and close it, saving time and ensuring efficient ticket management.

AI Chat enhances your customer support capabilities by combining the benefits of automation with the expertise of live agents. It enables your team to handle a higher volume of chat inquiries effectively, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

2. Prerequisites

Before enabling AI Chat on your Zendesk Chat Widget, please ensure that you have completed the following prerequisites:

  • Enable Zendesk Chat Widget: If you haven't already done so, follow the instructions in the Zendesk article titled "Creating a Messaging Web Widget" to enable and set up your Zendesk Chat Widget. This is a crucial step to ensure the Chat Widget is active and ready for integration.

  • Assign Agent: In order to authorize the AI Chat feature, you will need to assign our AI Chat to a agent. Select which agent on your account you want to assign or create a new agent account in your Zendesk. This agent account will be used by our AI to respond to your users' queries. Make sure to set appropriate permissions and access levels for this agent based on your requirements, meaning they need to have access to Zendesk Chat.

  • Setting up Business Triggers: to automatically assign new tickets from chat messages to the agent you're using for our AI Chat is an important step. This ensures that the AI Chat feature can effectively handle incoming tickets. Here's how you can set up the Business Triggers:

    1. Access your Zendesk account and navigate to the Admin settings.

    2. In the Admin settings, locate the "Business Rules" or "Triggers" section. The exact terminology may vary based on your Zendesk version.

    3. Look for an option to create a new trigger and click on it.

    4. Configure the trigger settings as follows:

      1. Trigger name: enter your trigger name

      2. Description: enter your description

      3. Category: choose your category

      4. Conditions: Meet ALL of the following conditions

        1. Channel + is + Messaging

        2. Status category + is + New

      5. Actions: Assignee + {your_created_agent}

    5. Press Create

3. Setup

Now that you have satisfied all the prerequisites, you can follow these steps to set up our AI Chat on your Zendesk account:

  1. Open your CaffeinatedCX Portal Admin on your zendesk or go to our Portal Admin page.

  2. Press Authorized to authorize your Zendesk.

  3. To enable AI Chat, navigate to the AI Chat tab, enable it using the switch button, and press the Authorize button to authorize the previously created agent.

  4. Authorize your previously created agent and press Allow.

  5. Setting up your Follow-up message on Zendesk (optional). I suggest that you should setting up your follow-up message as follow.

How can I help you today?

%[Ask a question](reply:ask_a_question)
%[Talk to a human](reply:talk_to_human)

4. Our Features

AI Chat Response

Our AI Chat will automatically generate and send responses to users based on their questions, utilizing your knowledge base and previous ticket history for accurate and helpful information.

Chat Handoff

Whenever user need to contact with live agent, our AI Chat will smoothly transferred to a live agent who can continue the conversation and provide personalized assistance.

Whenever user want to talk to a human, the ticket will be Unassigned, your live agents will be notified about it and can take it.

Auto Solved

Our AI Chat will automatically detect that if a ticket is solved successfully and will set the status of that ticket to Solved.

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