Only Pay When Caffeinated is Used
At Caffeinated CX, our pricing model ensures that you only pay when our AI, Caffeinated CX, is actively utilized to enhance your ticket resolution process. We are confident in the capabilities of our AI, and we guarantee that it will contribute to a threefold improvement in your team's ticket resolution efficiency. If this guarantee is not met, we offer a money-back guarantee.
Start a 14 Day Free Trial: https://app.caffeinatedcx.com/registration
Support Agents
Price includes all agents
Price per additional AI Ticket
$0.15 USD
Channels Supported
Email, Chat, Facebook & Instagram messages
Help Desk Native Integration
Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zohodesk, Etc
Native integrations
Content Tone Training
99% Accuracy, Improves Overtime
14 Days Free Trial
Custom CRM Integrations
Knowledge center integration
Historical Tickets Data
Brand Voice
One-Click "Reply & Close Ticket"
Custom Automatic Answering Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I hit my plan's ticket limit?
Option 1: Upgrade to a higher monthly limit.
Option 2: Wait until your credits renew at the start of your next billing cycle.
Does it cost anything to add my whole support team?
Pricing is usage based, we don't charge per user.
What is Caffeinated's refund policy?
During your 14-day free trial, make an informed decision if we meet the hype. If you decide to continue after your free trial, you'll be put on the plan you choose today at sign up. You can always upgrade, downgrade, or cancel as your support demands change. If you ever need help with your account, simply email [email protected].
Why chose Caffeinated instead of Ada, Forethought or Thankful?
There are three main reasons dozens of companies have left their contracts to move to Caffeinated: ‍ 1. Our AI is better, easier to use, and faster. Your team will love using Caffeinated more than any of these competitors. We focus our software on empowering your team, not replacing them. ‍ 2. Our pricing is way more reasonable. We've helped organizations go from paying $5k+ a month to $500 a month with better software. We don't believe in annual contracts or fixed prices per seat. We are the only AI support solution that is based on usage. ‍ 3. Better support and faster feedback loops: We have dedicated Slack channels for all customers and our team responds to questions pretty much 24/7, regardless of your business's size. Support is at the forefront of our business. Have a unique feature you want implemented? Tell us and I'll bet you dessert we'll have it out the following week. We love our customers and are always here for you. ‍ 4. Bonus one: Bet on the underdog! We are the only bootstrapped solution that was actually started by a former customer support leader. If you want to read more and see exact details on why Caffeinated is better, check out.