AI Actions

The AI Actions application leverages the ticket information and incorporates your business settings, rules, and knowledge center (which are managed through the Portal Admin application) to generate the most accurate and appropriate responses for each ticket.

The goal of the AI Actions application is to streamline the support process by automating the generation of correct and relevant responses, saving time for your support team and ensuring consistent and efficient customer service.

Generate a new Response

Enhance current Response

If the generated response does not meet your expectations or requires adjustments, the AI Actions application offers five different actions to enhance the response according to your preferences:

By selecting one of these actions, a revised response will be automatically generated, aligning more closely with your desired outcome or requirement.

Undo/redo Response

If the new generated response does not meet your expectations and you wish to revert to a previous version, the AI Actions application offers an undo/redo feature. This feature allows you to navigate through the generated responses and easily switch between them.

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